Total pediatric solution for autism,

ADHD and similar challenges



We believe children with autism, ADHD and similar challenges can reach their potential, and have a happy, healthy, productive lives.

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We also know there is no unified interoperable platform between clinics, schools and the home for sharing information and tracking a child’s progress. Our current system of disconnected paper notes and systems that don’t talk to each other has contributed to ineffective interventions, an epidemic of overprescribing medications, and an increase in hospitalizations and ER visits all of which amount to an additional $236 billion in healthcare spending per year.


And finally, severe cutbacks to inpatient pediatric psychiatry beds has led to a situation in which children and their families spend days on end in emergency rooms waiting to be placed in an inpatient bed.


In short, VeriCurious is the solution to fix these big problems affecting so many small people.

How It Works

Patients and parents answer a few questions on their cell phone each day

The questions are created for the patients by doctors and clinicians using research supported templates. VeriCurious learns from the answers, combines them with passive data like location, school attendance and activity level. Machine Learning capabilities provide predictive risk levels and preemptive actions to clinicians and parents.

Key Features

Our integrated platform offers the fastest way to improve outcomes for neurodiverse kids

VeriCurious is the only system on the market that can provide evidence based objective data connecting the clinic and the home. The increased visibility and objective accuracy into the progress being made in the home has resulted in a 30% improvement in outcomes, 10 hours/week time savings for providers, reduced hospital visits and better school attendance

Ease of Use

Evidence based data collection forms and templates provide standard measurements

Real Time Analytics

Dashboard based notifications enables immediate insights to what is most important

HIPAA Compliant

Our cloud platform is built on secure architecture and is HIPAA compliant

Easy to get started

Takes less than 1 hour to setup and start collecting data for a hospital

What professionals say?

Our customers are as excited as we are.

“After start using VeriCurious, targeted areas were more easily recognized, as a result students made 30% better progress as program changes were made quicker. We saved 10 hours/week as a result of automated reports and easy to use data collection capabilities..”

Clinician at Boston Based Clinic

“VeriCurious is uniquely designed to provide a data collection platform sensitive to the goals of treating this population. It allows the appropriate amount of flexibility without sacrificing the objectivity required to assess a treatment’s efficacy. VeriCurious integrates research-supported data collection methods and a user-experience informed by feedback from subject-matter experts. “

Program Manager for Child Services
Major Hospital in Massachusetts

Our Team

Meet with our team of technology leaders and clinical experts

Gamze Saunders

Founder & CEO

David N Berkowitz


Burak Demirsoy


Dot Lucci

Clinical Director

Amy Funkenstein, MD

Medical Director

Our Story

When Gamze’s 12 years old son was diagnosed with general anxiety, high cognitive autism and depression, she and her family engaged a large clinical team, along with school specialists to support his needs. After a year in this journey, Gamze realized that there were no data collection to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the treatments. Through her involvement in the Autism Network, she found out that all parents and providers share her pain and want to make a change. Gamze developed the first prototype for VeriCurious and shared it with Dr. Funkenstein and Dot Lucci who specialize on children with neurodiverse profiles. They were equally excited about tackling this problem. Shortly after that, Burak joined the team with passion and energy, creating the very first version of VeriCurious

Gamze Saunders

Gamze is a product management, sales and services executive with 15 years of P&L management experience. She successfully led $300 Million portfolio of products at IBM Watson IoT division. She has expertise in building profitable business units with extensive background in team building, launching new products and services to market, achieving strong revenue growth and improving operations margins.

David N Berkowitz

David N. Berkowitz PharmD comes to VeriCurious with a drive to reduce overprescribing of medications to children, address the scarcity of inpatient pediatric psychiatry beds and to help improve the lives of his friends and families currently struggling to deal with Autism and ADHD. He is currently the Assistant Director of Pharmacy at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and former Director of Pharmacy Strategy for Pillo Health. He completed a fellowship in digital health at Pivot Labs and obtained his PharmD at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. His research centers on improving patient care through creation and implementation of machine learning models to predict adverse drug events and studying artificial intelligence methods to predict drug-drug, drug-disease, and/or drug-protein interactions. He is passionate about improving the clinician-patient relationship by leveraging tools that bridge clinical care with human interactions, supporting patients to make safe and healthy choices at home, implementing predictive models to improve medication safety and enabling data-driven driven healthcare through quantitative pharmacology and machine learning.

Burak Demirsoy

Burak has a 10+ years experience in software development, with a focus on Internet of Things, deep learning and cognitive science. He is an experienced entrepreneur, has founded and sold previous companies. Burak is an avid champion for developing solutions for children with neurological differences. He is actively involved in community development efforts for children and youth.

Amy Funkenstein, MD

Dr. Funkenstein is a Harvard and Brown trained psychiatrist who treats adults, adolescents and children struggling with anxiety, perfectionism and OCD. Dr. Funkenstein completed her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Rhode Island Hospital, Warren Alpert Brown School of Medicine.Dr. Funkenstein has received several teaching awards from Harvard and Tufts medical students and residents and has published articles related to medical ethics and mental health parity.

Dot Lucci

Dot has 30 years of experience working in a range of clinical, medical and educational settings as a psychologist, special educator, researcher, college professor and program director. She was the program director of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Autism Program (Aspire) for 12 years. In addition, she created the autism program for EDCO Collaborative. Dot’s specialities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Autism Spectrum, program-design/development, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness.

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